In this issue:

  • Attribute pre-loaded app installs.

  • Design more accurate Journeys previews with updated devices and browser space.

  • Dashboard update roundup: dropdown for quick link keys, multiple events per time series, and custom partner creation in the dashboard.

  • Learn about the Suspicious Persona fraud feature improvement.

Pre-install analytics

Through partnerships with OEMs and mobile carriers, apps can come preloaded on Android devices before they are ever sold. 

Without an ad click taking place, how can you attribute the install? No problem! Branch offers methods for you to set relevant partner information in your app to be collected on first open. Now you can see pre-install analytics and attribute business outcomes to the appropriate partner. 

Pre-install analytics are available with ad products for Android apps. 

Read the documentation to learn more. 

Updated Journeys previews

It’s an exciting day to design a Journey! With the latest update, Journeys previews will now more accurately reflect what renders on your users’ devices. 

You’ll find a number of new iPhone, Samsung, Huwawei, and Google Pixel devices available. We also adjusted the device preview fields to account for space that the search bar and bottom navigation occupy. 

Check it out in the Journeys creator. 

Dashboard update roundup

Dropdown for quick link keys

Creating quick links just got even simpler! Rather than having to type in keys manually, you will be able to select from a convenient dropdown of keys to be configured in the deep link or choose from custom keys. 

Multiple event selection

Now you can select up to two events on activity pages for time series and up to three events on cohorts pages for time series and tables. 

Custom partner creation in the dashboard

Branch newly supports the creation of custom ad partners in the dashboard.

Read the Custom Partners documentation to learn more. 

Suspicious Persona fraud feature improvement

Branch’s persona graph offers a unique advantage when it comes to fraud prevention:  personas allow us to detect and blacklist suspicious browsers or devices by analyzing patterns across platforms. By leveraging our identity graph, Branch protects you from malicious fraud techniques like Device ID reset fraud, which occurs when fraudsters leverage IDFA dumping to create fraudulent installs. 

What’s new? We rolled out an update to also block the fraudulent events associated with blacklisted browsers and devicesThis means you may see an increase in blocked events, especially clicks, in the Fraud analytics page, and a reduction in events on other analytics pages. 

Please contact Support if you want to enable fraud rules on your account and learn more about Suspicious Persona and other Branch fraud rules in our docs.