In this issue:

  • View Fraud Rules in Analytics

  • Coming soon: Fraud Rules for everyone

  • Meet the new app from Branch - Device ID Finder

  • Prepare for Apple’s UIWebView Deprecation

Fraud Rules in Analytics

Want to easily view which fraud rules you have (or can have) enabled, then understand which rules are responsible for blocking the most traffic? Now you can find powerful analytics for the fraud you’re blocking with Branch. 

This is advanced functionality and must be enabled for your account. Reach out to or your CSM to get the new UI enabled. 

Coming Soon! Fraud rules for everyone

We will be automatically enabling our standard fraud rules in the coming weeks for all Universal Ads customers who haven't already done so. 

This will protect your ad campaigns from obvious forms of fraud and prevent you from paying for fraudulent events.

Please reach out to your CSM or with any questions.

Read Branch’s Fraud Rules documentation to learn more. 

Branch - Device ID Finder

Branch has a new app, making it easy for you to view, copy, and share your device identifiers with your team. This information can help you debug your campaigns and links.

Download for iOS or Android today!

Apple’s UIWebView Deprecation

As of August 29, 2019, Apple began informing developers that they would stop accepting App Store submissions of apps using UIWebView — an embedded browser used by iOS apps to display web content and has long been used by many SDKs. Apple did not provide a concrete timeline for implementing this change in policy, but with this recent notification, we wanted to make you are prepared for when it does take effect. 

Starting with iOS SDK version 0.28.0, the Branch SDK no longer uses UIWebView. 

We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of the SDK at your earliest convenience. 

Read this post on our blog to learn more about preparing for this change, and please feel free to reach out to your support team or if you have further questions.