In this issue:

  • Meet Branch's powerful new custom data export UI.

  • Create QR codes directly from the Branch dashboard.

  • Learn about a new iOS deep linking edge case, and how Branch solved it.

  • Get a peek inside Branch's unique Persona Graph attribution engine.

  • Give agencies access to filtered data via the Custom Export API.

  • Customize the CSS of your Journeys iFrames inside the dashboard editor.

  • Deep-linkify your dynamic, personalized emails with new integrations.

Create custom data exports directly from the dashboard

Want to export only Facebook-attributed installs from last Wednesday? Purchases from users who clicked a Journeys banner? No problem! Our powerful new export UI provides column selection and row filtering, giving you easy access to exactly the data you need.

The new export UI is available for all TUNE-migrated customers today, and we'll be rolling it out to the full Branch platform later this year.

Start using the Custom Export UI today

The Branch dashboard has a new, built-in QR code generator

QR codes are an awesome use case for Branch deep links, and one of our top customer requests has been for the ability to create QR codes inside the Branch dashboard.

We're excited to share that this is now possible! With just a single click, you can now download a pre-generated QR code for any Quick Link.

Visit the Quick Links page to try it out

iOS 12.3 deep linking edge case: what you need to know

Beginning on iOS 12.3, Apple made a change to Safari that broke many deep linking implementations. The result: your app would successfully launch, and then the App Store would open on top of it a few seconds later.

Branch caught the new edge case almost immediately, and we rolled out a patch to every app on the platform. This is a key benefit of using Branch: we're continually monitoring for new deep linking edge cases and able to fix them automatically, so you never have to worry about your customers running into broken experiences that take weeks to diagnose and even longer to repair.

Learn how the Branch persona graph works

The Branch persona graph is a next-generation approach to attribution. It's the engine that makes Branch's people-based attribution the most accurate and most reliable solution on the market.

But we recognize the persona graph itself can sometimes seem like a bit of a black box. We recently published a blog post to help explain how everything works.

Branch’s Persona Graph: Building the Next Generation of Attribution

Agency access to the Custom Export API

We understand how important it is for agencies to access log-level data for their customers, so we've upgraded our Custom Export API to support agency users. All exports are automatically filtered to ensure that agencies only receive data from campaigns that they manage.

Today, agencies can use the API to access their campaign data for all TUNE-migrated customers. A platform-wide rollout to all customers will follow later this year.

Read the Custom Export API documentation to learn more

Even more control over Journeys banners appearance

The Journeys WYSIWYG editor has always given you full control over what shows up inside your smart banner, but there was one advanced use case it couldn't handle: customizing the iFrame container element itself.

No longer! Now you can use CSS to change the height of your banner, adjust page placement, tweak the dropshadow appearance or z-index, and more — all from within the Branch dashboard.

Note: This is advanced functionality, and must be enabled for your account. Please reach out to or your CSM to learn more and get started.

Universal Email now supports personalized URLs

Many Branch customers also work with third-party services like MovableInk and Liveclicker to create highly personalized email content. Until now, the personalized URLs generated with these services were not able to deep link into apps via Universal Email, due to the additional redirect involved.

We recently rolled out a new $follow_redirect link parameter, which makes it possible for Universal Email customers to deep link from these personalized URLs.

Read the docs to learn more