In this issue:

  • Branch has a new measurement partnership with Twitter.

  • Attribute down-funnel events only to the install touch.

  • View-through attribution for Google Ads campaigns.

  • Support for impression revenue data from MoPub.

  • Improved configuration options for ad network postbacks.

New measurement partnership with Twitter

We’re excited to add a new measurement integration with Twitter, extending Branch’s powerful attribution capabilities to this leading advertising platform. Attribution for Twitter Ads campaigns is available today for all Universal Ads subscribers.

Get started with the Twitter Ads integration guide

Install touch attribution: a new way to control your campaigns

Install touch attribution allows advertisers to only attribute down-funnel events based on the touch (click or impression) that drove the install. This essentially disables "re-engagement" attribution, and is useful to ensure accurate reporting of acquisition and downstream engagement metrics for ad partners that are only used for acquisition campaigns.

We are rolling this new feature out to all Universal Ads customers over the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for it on your Partner Management dashboard in the near future!

View-through attribution for Google Ads

On June 13, we rolled out support for view-through attribution for all Google Ads campaigns — no action needed by you! The default attribution window is 1 day, which you can customize on the Google Ads partner management page in your Branch dashboard.

Introducing support for MoPub impression revenue data

Our new integration uses MoPub’s impression-level revenue data integration to gather in-app ad revenue data via Branch. The result is a complete picture of how user acquisition campaigns are driving results for ad-supported businesses.

Now, user acquisition marketers can see the total MoPub ad revenue generated from their campaigns.

Read the MoPub impression revenue announcement blog post

Improved postback controls

Based on customer feedback, we've recently made a number of improvements to the ad partner Postback Config screen. Here's a recap:

  • You can add or edit advanced filters for any postback.

  • The “All Events” setting can be configured separately for each postback.

  • You can now add more than one postback for each tracked event.

  • Webhook Liveview sessions are retained for 5 days for enhanced debugging and validation.