In this issue:

  • Introducing the Branch Certified Partner Program.

  • Branch has new measurement partnerships with Pinterest and Reddit.

  • More fields available via the export API, and new export access to all of your content_items.

  • Dashboard update roundup: improved tablet redirects, new "compare by" options, and Organizations.

The Branch Certified Partner Program

Our Certified Partner Program is open to ad networks that agree to advanced technical and business requirements, including SLAs for resolving issues, lowering fraud, and mutual training for support and sales teams. Certified Partners receive the Certified Partner badge to signify their commitment to meeting the technical and business requirements required for the program.

Customers benefit from high-quality integrations between Branch and each Certified Partner, including common definitions for what constitutes fraud. Over time, the technical requirements for Certified Partners will continue to rise as new types of fraud appear, and as marketers demand greater transparency for their campaigns.

Read the CPP announcement blog post.

New partnerships with Pinterest and Reddit

We’re excited to add measurement integrations with Pinterest and Reddit, extending Branch’s powerful mobile linking and attribution capabilities to these leading advertising platforms. Attribution for campaigns on Pinterest and Reddit is available today for all Universal Ads subscribers.

Get started with the integration guides for Pinterest and Reddit.

Improvements to data export functionality

We recently added new fields to our Export API, to provide more granular reporting and analytics. The new fields are appended to the end of the file, just before the final column:

  • store_install_begin_timestamp

  • referrer_click_timestamp

  • user_data_os_version_android

  • user_data_geo_city_code

  • user_data_geo_city_en

  • user_data_http_referrer

These new fields open up exciting new possibilities for reporting, right down to the city level. To learn more about everything that is available via our export API, visit the documentation.

We have also added the ability to export content_items! This means you can use Branch to track views and conversions tied to products and other pieces of content, which are sent via the content_items array. If you would like to export your content_items, please reach out to your Account Manager or to get whitelisted.

Dashboard update roundup

New "compare by" options

Now you can compare by up to 6 dimensions in all of your Cohorts, Activity, and Sources reports.

Improved tablet redirects

Branch has supported custom redirects for tablets at the link level for several years, and now it is now possible to configure your tablet redirects app-wide via the dashboard. To get started, head to the Advanced Mobile Redirects section of your Link Settings page.


The new Organizations functionality in the Branch dashboard provides an easy way to administer configuration items, such as attribution windows and team member management, for multiple apps at one time. Please reach out to your Account Manager or to get started.