Branch is committed to seamlessly migrating TUNE Attribution Analytics customers over to the Branch Platform with combined product capabilities, while maintaining high levels of service and support.

To aid our customers in this process, we’ve created the following migration guide. If you should have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or email Please refer to the list of actions below that your team will need to complete in order to ensure a successful migration. Your CSM will work with you to complete these. 

TUNE Data Automatically Included in the Migration (No customer action required)

The following data will be automatically migrated to the Branch dashboard and no action is required on your part:

  • Accounts (“dashboard users”) including access controls, advertisers (“organizations”), and sites (“apps”).

  • Historical TUNE Device IDs aka Branch Personas! IDFAs and GAIDs that have been seen before + install attribution partner + last click or impression info.

  • Attribution settings for all of your non-self attributing (see below) ad networks

  • App-Level Event Frequency Caps

    • The length of time required before measuring a new event on a per user/device basis; default is once a day for opens, once ever for installs, and 60 minutes for all other in-app events.

  • Branch-mapped TUNE Data fields available via postbacks and Export API.

  • Postbacks to ad networks, technology partners, and custom destinations; viewed/modified under Ads > Partner Management. 

  • All live TUNE links will continue to work, and you can continue to modify existing links outside of the Dashboard or in TUNE - but you won’t see the links themselves listed in your Branch dashboard under the “Quick Links” section.

    • If you choose to use Branch to create new links for your campaigns, you must upgrade to TUNE SDK Android 6.0.3 or TUNE SDK iOS 6.0.4.

    • If you use iOS Universal Links, you must also add your Branch link domains to the ‘Associated Domains’ in your Xcode project. 

TUNE Data NOT Included in the Migration

  • Existing Test Profiles. 

  • Existing Audience Segments. 

    • Your TUNE audience segments will not be available in Branch for the time being but will be available soon! The Branch engineering team is working on it.

  • Raw log/aggregate reports for past campaigns.

Available Branch Features

Once you log into your Branch account, you will have access to the following functionality:

Channels & Links

  • Web to App

    • Deepviews

    • Desktop SMS

  • Ads

  • Organic Search (requires Branch SDK)

  • Referrals (requires Branch SDK)

  • Link Settings

Cross-Channel Analytics

  • Sources

Setup & Testing

  • Data Import & Export

  • Liveview

  • Account Settings

NOTE: Journey Web-to-App Banners and Universal Email products require a contract upgrade and implementation of the Branch SDK. Please reach out to your CSM or email if you’re interested in either of these products, or in other additional features that may require the Branch SDK.

TUNE <> Branch Feature Matching

Over the next six months, we are incorporating Attribution Analytics features into Branch. Below is a chart of the AA feature set along with a phased rollout plan of when they will be available. 

Your Action Items

Our goal is to make your migration as seamless as possible. However, we will need you to do a few things to make everything work.

  • Set your password & log into your Branch Account

    • Before you can log into your Branch account, you must follow the directions in the Password Reset email we sent you.  If you have not received this email, please reach out to your CSM or email

  • Enable Self-Attributing Network (SAN) Integrations

    • If you currently run ads with the following integrated ad partners, you will need to enable them in your Branch account to ensure data is mapped properly.

      • Facebook

      • Google

        • Customers must turn off events in Tune, turn on events in Branch

      • Apple

      • Snap

  • If applicable: Provide your Agencies with the appropriate access; agency access available at both the organization and app level.

    • NOTE: Agencies with both Sensitive Data and App-Level Settings permissions will have access to customer API keys, which can be used to access Branch’s Data Export API. Since this API can be used to access unfiltered, log-level data, we would recommend against providing third parties with these permissions.
  • If applicable: Whitelist Branch IPs

    • If you currently whitelist TUNE IPs in order to receive postbacks from the Attribution Analytics system, you will need to also whitelist Branch’s IPs to continue to receive postbacks before the migration has ended. If you are unsure whether this applies to your setup, please reach out to your CSM or email

  • If applicable: Update the TUNE SDK to Android 6.0.3 or iOS 6.0.4

    • If you are using the TUNE SDK alongside Branch links for attribution, you will need to update your TUNE SDK implementation to the latest version to ensure the TUNE SDK can read Branch link data.

      • Android via Gradle:  api 'com.tune:tune-marketing-console-sdk:6.0.3'

      • iOS via Cocoapods:   pod 'Tune', '~> 6.0.4'

  • If applicable: Switch to Branch Custom Export API

    • If you currently export aggregate-level and/or log-level data from TUNE, you will need to use the Branch Custom Export API to continue exporting this data. Learn more about the Branch Custom Export API. If you are unsure whether this applies to your setup, please reach out to your CSM or email