What is happening?

Branch is acquiring the TUNE Attribution Analytics business, and merging the people and technology into the Branch platform. Both parties are FULLY committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our customers and these select employees.

Why is this happening?

TUNE has decided to focus on their HasOffers (Performance Marketing Platform) business.

TUNE wants to ensure that customers of the TUNE Marketing Console (Attribution Analytics) are served by the most robust, innovative, and financially strong provider in the space. Both TUNE and Branch believe that the future of mobile attribution cannot be separated from linking, and Branch is best positioned to lead the industry forward. This combination creates an unparalleled solution and will provide marketers with the most complete attribution platform, data sets and robust reporting to drive stronger marketing ROI.

Migration Process

Will my TUNE Attribution Analytics account still work?

Yes, the TUNE dashboard will continue to be available throughout the transition period.  Your Account Manager and Branch POC will be in touch to communicate the specifics of your account migration plan and get you trained on the Branch dashboard.

Will my historical TUNE data be migrated to Branch?

Some historical data will be migrated to the Branch platform - see your migration guide for more details. Your customer success manager can work with you to create an export plan for your historical data, and ensure it provides continuity with new data from the Branch platform.

Can we ensure existing users won't look like new users/installs? 

Branch has a sophisticated onboarding tool for new customers, known as Persona History Import. As part of your account transition process, we will use this tool to import impression, click, and install histories into the Branch Persona Graph. This will allow us to make sure your existing users are not inadvertently re-attributed, and also let us attribute conversion events back to clicks that happened before the transition.

Account Management & Support

Will I have the same CSM/SE contacts moving forward?

Yes. All commercial teams are transitioning over, so your account contacts will remain stable.

Who are my contacts if I have been working with both TUNE and Branch?

In the short-term, you'll continue working with the your contracts on both teams. Over time, we'll consolidate to give you a single point of contact.

Legal & Billing

Will I need to adopt a new pricing model?

There won’t be any immediate changes to your pricing model. We will work with you to ensure you’re on a pricing model that fits your business and makes sense for everyone.

Which Branch products are automatically included in my contract?

You will be transitioned to Branch's Universal Ads and Data Feeds products, which provide equivalent functionality to TUNE's Attribution Analytics offering. You will also receive full access to the core Branch linking platform — including deferred deep linking and features like Referral Analytics and Text-Me-The-App — and can work with your account manager to implement Branch's other premium products. Note that the Branch SDK may be required to make use of some of these products.

Product Functionality

Can I measure Facebook campaigns now?

Branch is a certified Facebook MMP vendor, and Facebook measurement will automatically be available to all customers after the migration is complete. If critical, you also have the option of implementing to Branch SDK and using the Branch platform separately for Facebook campaign measurement ahead of the transition. Please contact your account manager so that we can set up your Branch account for that purpose.

Can I use Branch links now? How are these different from TUNE links?

Branch links are the foundation of the Branch platform. Like TUNE links, they provide measurement and deep linking. However, because linking has long been a core focus for Branch, Branch links are also capable of powerful cross-channels attribution (email/ads/social, etc.) and cross-platform deep linking (web/app). 

How can I begin implementing other Branch products like Journeys and Universal Email?

You can begin implementing additional Branch products (including Journeys and Universal Email) at any time, but this may require some additional technical changes to your SDK implementation. The full Branch platform will be available automatically after your account is migrated to the Branch infrastructure. Let your customer success manager know you're interested in these products, and they'll work with you on an implementation plan.

Will I lose any Attribution Analytics functionality I find valuable?

We're committed to working closely with you to understand your needs, and ensure the transition process addresses your requirements. In the unlikely situation that you rely on a piece of functionality we aren't able to support going forward, we will do everything possible to help you identify acceptable alternatives.

What does this mean for the Attribution Analytics road map?

Branch has an exciting roadmap planned, and it aligns closely with the Attribution Analytics roadmap. We will be working hard over the next few months to ensure a smooth migration for all customers, and we look forward to sharing details about all the upgrades you can expect to see in future.

Security & Privacy

What is Branch’s approach to data handling and security?

Branch has a formal information security program with a dedicated Head of Security with executive oversight from the COO. Branch has in place a number of security controls, including an information security policy, annual risk assessment, and an employee handbook (with a code of conduct), among others. 

Where is Branch data geographically located?

Branch uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. All customer data is stored in US-based data centers — the primary serving location is US-WEST-1 (Northern California), and we have a failover location in US-EAST-1 (Virginia).

Does Branch own physical servers?

Branch does not maintain any physical servers. Our platform is entirely hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.

Is Branch compliant with SOC 2?

Branch’s information security program is modeled on industry standards like ISO 27001. Branch is committed to getting SOC 2 audit completed in 2019.

Is Branch compliant with GDPR?

At Branch, our goal is to help you meet both the letter and the spirit of GDPR in a simple and straightforward way. We believe GDPR is not just a regulation; respecting the privacy rights of all customers and their users (regardless of origin) is the right thing to do. Branch has made GDPR compliance a priority, and has built the infrastructure for, among other things: receiving and executing GDPR requests; putting in place privacy-first data retention policies; and an updated SDK that allows customers to flag for Branch when end users have requested that their personal data not be processed. You can read more about Branch's GDPR commitment here.

Is Branch compliant with Privacy Shield?

Branch is Privacy Shield certified under both the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield frameworks.

Does Branch perform penetration testing?

Branch uses an independent third party to perform penetration testing and conducts a full enterprise security assessment on an annual basis to ensure the security of its platform, systems, and personnel. 

How is data retained on Branch's systems?

As part of its GDPR compliance work, Branch has instituted strict personal data retention windows. For example, phone numbers used in conjunction with the "Text-Me-the-App" feature are used for no other purpose other than to text the user a link to the app, and are deleted within seven days. Usage activity logs for the services generally are stored in identifiable form for no more than seven days, after which they are removed or pseudonymized. You can read more about Branch's data retention practices in the "Our Data Retention Policy" section of the Branch Privacy Policy.

How can users opt out of Branch services?

Branch provides for a variety of opt-out mechanisms relating to the Branch services and website, including browser-based opt-outs, or customer-based opt-outs (where an app or website can flag that a particular user of its app or website has requested that his or her personal data not be processed). You can read more about those opt-out mechanisms in the "User Opt-Outs" and the "Opt-Out & Do Not Track - Your Choice Mechanisms" sections of the Branch Privacy Policy.

What levels of dashboard permissions does Branch have?

Branch provides a robust dashboard access control system. We provide several default profiles with predefined access levels, and we also offer the option of creating custom roles to give you as much flexibility as possible when assigning access.

Does Branch offer SSO?

Branch offers Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) / Single Sign-on (SSO) support for the dashboard. Once enabled, SSO for the Branch dashboard applies to all accounts with email addresses on a designated domain. Contact your account manager to learn more about configuring SSO.

How does Branch handle physical security?

Branch is hosted in a state-of-the-art SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type I, and ISO 27001 certified facility. Physical access is strictly controlled by professional security staff utilizing video surveillance, state-of-the-art intrusion detection systems, and other electronic means.

Does Branch have a bug bounty program?

Branch runs a bug bounty program to engage security researchers for responsible disclosure purposes.

Technical Questions

Will my technical integration still work as-is?

Yes. The Branch and TUNE product and Engineering teams are committed to working with your accounts to ensure the technical integration goes through a seamless upgrade to the combined solution both on API compatibility and feature set. This means that existing API endpoints to TUNE (including TUNE SDK, TUNE Server to Server integration, integrated Ad Networks, TUNE Dynamic Links, and TUNE Postbacks) will all continue to function as-is.  Your Export API will change to a Branch endpoint IP address (config change only for your IT), with a backward compatible TUNE Export API functionality on the Branch platform.

What happens to my Universal Links and App Links domains?

Your current link domains (including Universal Links and App Links configuration) will be migrated as part of the transition process, and all existing links will continue to work with no interruptions.