In this issue:

  • Sneak peek: cross-platform, cross-channel cohort analysis

  • Introducing cost ingestion for Universal Ads

  • Bookmarkable dashboard reports

  • More powerful dismissal behavior for Journeys

  • Improved matching accuracy with IPv6

Coming Soon: Cross-Platform Cohort Analysis!

Cohort analysis is a powerful tool that helps marketers understand the full ROI of their campaigns. For the last few months, Branch has been building a cohorting solution that we believe will set a new industry standard: you'll be able to generate cohort reports that incorporate all of your cross-channel, cross-platform Branch data in one place. By combining these reports with Branch's existing cross-channel audience features, you'll have a powerful new way to engage you users via the best possible channel.

In the near future, we'll be rolling out this new cohorting functionality for all existing customers of Journeys, Universal Ads, and Universal Email. If you can't wait to get started, we also have a few spots left in the beta program — reach out to your Account Manager or reply to this email to learn more!

Bookmarks for Analytics Reports

Have you ever configured a perfect report on the Branch dashboard, and then wanted to save it for future reference? Now you can! Use the new Saved views icon on most dashboard reports to generate a bookmark, which can then be accessed by anyone on your team.

Check out Bookmarks on the Sources report in your Branch dashboard

New Dismissal Settings for Journeys

Sometimes, users just want to browse your website, and the sight of a banner (especially after they’ve already dismissed one) can be enough to make them bounce. To help give your users the best possible experience, we’re excited to introduce new Journeys configuration options that allow you to get smarter about how your Journeys are being dismissed by users.

We’ve also added a new audience filter that allows you to link Journeys, which lets you display certain Journeys specifically to people who have dismissed another Journey.

Read the blog post to learn more about the new Journeys dismissal settings

Improved Matching Accuracy with IPv6

The Branch Persona Graph is the 'Branch secret sauce' that makes People-Based Attribution possible. Our unique, deterministic device ID <> web cookie pairs provide an unprecedented level of deep linking and measurement accuracy. However, sometimes we don't yet have a device ID <> cookie pair when a user clicks a Branch link, and in those situations we have to fall back on probabilistic signals.

Thanks to an end-to-end upgrade of the Branch infrastructure, these signals now incorporate IPv6 addresses for more accurate, more specific matching. This means your users are deep linked more often, and your measurement is even more accurate, without you having to do anything at all.