In this issue:

  • New event import integrations from mParticle and Segment

  • Upgraded measurement for Apple Search Ads

  • Web SDK performance boosts of over 20%

  • How to get an awesome Branch hoodie

Introducing server-to-server ingestion from mParticle and Segment

The most valuable insights from Branch come when you measure down-funnel conversions (e.g., product views or purchases). We are proud to announce that Branch now supports importing events from two best-in-class customer data platforms: mParticle and Segment.

These new import integrations allow you to bring mParticle and Segment data directly into Branch, leading to better reports and more sophisticated targeting for Journeys without needing to duplicate the in-app event tracking you already have built out.

Read the server-to-server event import announcement to get started

New and improved measurement for Apple Search Ads

Branch built one of the industry's first solutions for Apple Search Ads measurement, way back in 2016. Our upgraded and simplified integration is now part of Branch's full Universal Ads product, which means you'll get more detailed, cross-channel insights into your Apple Search Ads campaigns alongside all of your other ad networks and organic acquisition campaigns.

Learn how to optimize attribution for Apple Search Ads with Branch

Web SDK performance upgrades

The Branch Web SDK sometimes plays second fiddle to our iOS and Android SDKs, but it is nevertheless an incredibly important part of the Branch offering. An SDK with so much packed into it must operate at peak performance, so we recently invested in some significant optimizations. We have already observed an average 20% drop in Journeys load times!

Find out more about the new web SDK speed boost