In this issue:

  • Branch's best-in-class fraud solution is now available to all partners!

  • Full support for view-through attribution. 

  • New dashboard live view tool.

  • Tablet targeting for web-to-app Journeys.

Introducing: fraud detection and prevention

Today, we’re rolling out Branch’s mobile ad fraud solution, as a part of our Universal Ads Mobile Attribution product. We believe comprehensive fraud detection should be a core part of any attribution offering, so our best-in-class functionality will be included by default, for all of our partners using Universal Ads, at no additional charge. Read the fraud solution announcement

View-through attribution for paid campaigns

Support for view-through attribution means you can track installs, session starts, and conversion events back to an ad impression, even if the ad was never clicked on. View-through (also known as impression tracking) attribution is easy to configure with all networks that support it.

Find out how to set up the view-through attribution.

New dashboard liveview tool

Our overhauled liveview tool makes debugging even easier. It is broken down by event type, and allows you to drill in using powerful new filters like event name (e.g. PURCHASE), link analytics tags, device types, and more. You can also debug webhook records and responses, and share your debugging view with teammates! Read the docs to learn more about the new Liveview functionality

Tablet targeting for Journeys.

You can now dynamically show a Journey banner based on device type. This means effortless segmentation of your tablet visitors from the rest of your mobile web traffic. See all the targeting options available for Journeys