In this issue:

  • Details on GDPR compliance from Branch.

  • Web-to-App Journeys: live editing and new targeting filters. 

  • Ads: Custom attribution windows for individual ad networks.

  • Effortlessly implement Branch on your website using Adobe Launch.

GDPR Updates

GDPR is right around the corner, and our goal at Branch is to help all of our partners meet both the letter and the spirit of GDPR in a simple and straightforward way. We believe GDPR is not just a regulation; respecting the privacy rights of all partners and their users (regardless of origin) is the right thing to do.

We have released a new overview page with resources to help you understand what Branch is doing to help you achieve GDPR compliance, and the processes for making requests to Branch under GDPR after it comes into force on May 25, 2018. Visit the Branch GDPR overview page

Live Editing + New Targeting Filters for Journeys

One of our most frequently requested improvements is finally here: the option to edit active Journeys! Gone are the days when you had to clone a Journey before you could make small edits to the text or targeting criteria.

We also added new filters that allow you to display Journeys based on the specific URL path of the page being viewed, and geographic location down to the city level. See all Journeys targeting options

Custom Ad Network Attribution Windows

It is now possible to set custom attribution windows independently for certain ad networks, including Facebook and Google. You can specify these windows in addition to the existing account-wide and individual link configuration options. Go to our custom attribution window documentation.

Accelerated Web SDK Implementation via Adobe Launch

Branch and Adobe have partnered to make it even simpler for Adobe Launch clients to integrate Branch into their websites. Just click a few buttons to complete the process, without relying on developer to make code changes.

By adding Branch to their websites, marketers are empowered to create better customer experiences. They can automatically route mobile website visitors directly into the native app, send SMS reminders to download the app, and have data from these touchpoints automatically integrated into Adobe Analytics. Learn more about Adobe Launch Integration.