In this issue:

  • Introducing: Universal Ads.

  • Branch becomes an official Facebook MMP.

  • Our new People-Based Attribution engine.

Universal Ads

Branch has been helping you build best-in-class user experiences for years, and we also know how important it is for you to have accurate attribution data from your paid acquisition campaigns. With Universal Ads, measuring the impact of your investments on Facebook, Google, and hundreds of other ad networks is now as seamless and reliable as everything else you have come to expect from Branch. 

Universal Ads is powered by People-Based Attribution (read more below), which means you'll get more accurate data across every acquisition source. No more ad conversions showing up as "organic" because your attribution tool couldn't keep track. Read more about Universal Ads

Facebook MMP Certification

As part of Universal Ads, Branch is proud to offer advanced performance insights for Facebook campaigns, based on the same high quality data available to all Facebook MMP partners. You can finally cross-reference Facebook acquisition results with data from every other channel, all in one place. Even better, Branch is the only MMP with a completely free pricing tier for apps with under 10,000 MAUs. Read more about Facebook MMP

People-Based Attribution

Universal Ads is possible because of People-Based Attribution, the industry's first fully cross-channel, cross-platform attribution system. People-Based Attribution is the result of intensive research, development and testing, and our early beta partners have already seen increases of up to 77% in the accuracy of their attribution data compared to legacy systems. We are very excited to share People-Based Attribution with you, and look forward to seeing what you can achieve with it! Read more about People-Based Attribution