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  • Quick Link Time Series Charts
  • Data Feeds
  • Email Analytics

Quick Link Time Series Charts

When viewing stats for Quick Links, you can now see engagement over time. A time series visualization makes it easy to see exactly when users are clicking your links and installing or re-opening your app. You can also see a breakdown by platform and region!

Quick Link Time Series Charts

Data Feeds

We're excited to announce Data Feeds, a collection of powerful tools for exporting data from Branch. We know that our customers have different objectives and use cases for their data, and Data Feeds was designed and built with flexibility in mind. It includes four distinct tools for exporting and accessing Branch data, including our brand new Query API. You can learn more about Data Feeds here.

Email Analytics

For over a year we've offered Deep Linked Email to help you optimize your email campaigns for all platforms, and now we've added a brand new analytics page to our dashboard just for DLE. Email Analytics provides a one-stop shop for viewing the results of email campaigns across desktop web, mobile web, and app. Just navigate to the Email section of the Branch dashboard to check it out.