- This guide requires you to have already integrated the Branch SDK into your app.

What is Deep Linked Email?

Deep Linked Email allows you to automatically convert your email links into multi-platform deep links that take users directly to content in the app on mobile devices, while still maintaining the same web experience for desktop and mobile users without the app.

When a link is clicked by a user without the app, it will route that user to the original web URL (including on desktop). When a link is clicked by a user with your app, it will direct that user to the relevant in-app content regardless of platform or email client.

Email link behavior

1. Branch turns the web URLs you put into your emails into Branch deep links, opening the app for users with your app installed to that same content in the app for both iOS and Android. The following image displays how the user experience looks like:

2. By default, email deep links will redirect users without your app to the same content on the web instead:



Q1. Is it a free product or do I need to pay for it? What is the pricing in the latter case? 

A1. It is a premium product. The pricing is MAU based and can be found here:

Q2. What are the ESPs does Branch support? 

A2. You can find the list of all the ESPs supported here