A Deepview is a Branch-hosted mobile web splash page that gives a preview of the in-app content behind a given Branch link. When users open one of your Branch links and do not have your app installed, you can show them a Deepview instead of sending them directly to the App/Play Store. Branch provides added flexibility in terms of which links will show a Deepview and also allows partners to customize them as well.

Typically, Branch shows these Deepviews only when specified by the partners, but with the advent of iOS 10.3, this behavior had to be tweaked in order to provide the best user experience. With iOS 10.3, if the user does not have the app installed, Apple mandated that any redirects to the App Store need to pass through Safari first. This meant that users where shown an empty web page with a modal. Please note that this happens only when the user does not have the app installed.

This does not seem like a great user experience, so to work around this, Branch enabled a default passive Deepview if the redirect went through Safari or any other browser.

This allows users to preview the content that they would be directed to once they install the app. Our team curated a nice blog article that provides additional information on this topic:

Although not advised, partners can disable this passive Deepview using one of the following methods:

  • Option 1: add $passive_deepview=false to disable the passive Deepview for that deep link
  • Option 2: create a custom Deepview and set it globally for all your Branch links

For more information on these two options, please visit:

Users might also run into a Deepview even with the app installed when they click on a Branch link on Facebook. Unfortunately, there is no way around the "Leave Facebook" modal on the Facebook app. This is because Facebook disabled Universal Links on iOS and forces the use of URI schemes to leave the app:

Here is a list of other apps and browsers along with their expected behavior with Branch links:

Overall, Deepviews are designed to improve the user experience. They are fully customizable and you can edit them directly on your Branch dashboard. If you are seeing a Deepview even without one enabled, then it is probably our passive Deepview, which you can still disable (and leave users on a blank Safari page) if you would like.