1. Custom root domain NS records not setup.

    This means that your root domain is not setup with the correct NS records.

    1. In your console, run $ dig NS [YOUR DOMAIN], i.e.: dig NS branch.app.link

    2. Verify the NS records:

      1. If they do not match the Link Settings page  - please setup your domain’s DNS records with the correct NS records that are listed in the Link Settings page, and allow  up to an hour for the change to propagate.

      2. If the records match, and it has been over an hour since they were updated - please reach out to integration@branch.io, or your assigned TAM/SE.

  2. I set up a custom domain for my links, but now all the content on that domain is gone.
    Branch completely takes over the ownership of whichever domain is setup as a link domain in the Link Settings page.  All the data that used to be available on that domain will no longer be available.

    1. Disable the domain in Link Settings, and reset the NS records.

    2. Either setup a different root domain, or setup a sub-domain with Branch, i.e. link.branch.io

  3. My sub-domain is not properly configured with a CNAME.

    For custom sub-domains Branch requires a CNAME record to be created, in the DNS records of the sub-domain, which points to custom.bnc.lt.

    1. In your console, run $ dig CNAME [YOUR SUB-DOMAIN], i.e.: dig CNAME branch.app.link

    2. Verify the CNAME record:

      1. If the CNAME record is not setup - please add a CNAME record pointing to custom.bnc.lt, and try setting up your custom domain again. Make sure to refresh the Link Settings page once you are done, and verify that the error is not shown any more.

      2. If the CNAME record is set up for custom.bnc.lt, but the error is still displayed - please reach out to integrations@branch.io or your assigned TAM/SE