UTM Tags

UTM tagging is the a very common way for marketers to track web users and has become the standard tagging mechanism for Google Analytics. While Branch links do track analytics and attribution across web and app, we also support you adding your own tracking parameters to Branch links. There are a couple ways to do this:

Appending your analytics tags to Branch links as query params

  1. You can simply add your analytics tags on the end of the Branch link like so:

    1. https://branch.app.link/mobilegrowthhandbook17?utm_campaign=campaign&utm_source=source

  2. When the user is redirected to web content, Branch will automatically apply the tags onto the end of the web url so that your web tracking is not disturbed. For the example link, the user is redirected to:

  1. When the user is redirected to the app, Branch will automatically add these UTM parameters to the link data that is passed to your app in the payload. 

  2. The app should be set up to handle the analytics tags.

  3. Here is an example of what that payload would look like for the example link:

Tips and Tricks

Adding your analytics tags to Branch links as deep link data

  1. You can manually add you analytics tags to Branch deep link data as key-value pairs

  2. Important note: You will only be able to access these tags if you are using Branch’s web and/or app SDKs. The tags will not be included on the end of the redirect URL

  3. The analytics tags can be added to the deep link data no matter how you are creating your Branch links. An example from the dashboard’s quick links creation flow:

  1. Once added to the deep link data, the Branch SDKs on web and app will receive it in the link payload whenever that link refers a session. Sample link payload:

  1. Once you’ve retrieved the tags with the SDK, you can handle this with the code on your website or app.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you ever want to see where the deep link data defined for a Branch link, simply add “debug=1” as a query parameter on the end of the url and Branch will take you to the link debugger page for that specific link.

Automatically map UTM parameters to Branch analytics tags

  1. By default, Branch will automatically map any appended UTM parameters to Branch analytics tags if there are no Branch analytics tags set.

  2. If you would like UTM parameters to always override Branch analytics tags, simply enable it in on the link settings page of the Branch dashboard (link) under ‘Advanced Settings’.

  1. The mappings are as follows:

  1. Note: This only applies to dynamically created links, not links generated through the Dashboard, API or SDKs.

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