Important Note:

To set up your Deep Linked Emails on the Branch dashboard, you need to have Deep Linked Emails enabled on the dashboard. 

Here's the list of all the validation errors you can face after the setup:


Here's the explanation and fix for all the validation errors:

  1. iOS SDK is not integrated: This error is thrown when the Branch SDK has not been integrated into the iOS app.
    Fix: You need to set up the iOS SDK as our official documentation.
  2. Android SDK is not integrated: This error is thrown when the Branch SDK has not been integrated into the Android app.
    Fix: You need to set up the Android SDK as our official documentation.
  3. Deep linking is not set up for email: The following are all the possible settings you can configure for deep linking with email

    To understand each of the settings you can read our documentation here.
  4. Click tracking domain is not set: For Branch links to be generated, you would need to provide the domain of the link that would be used in the email template. For eg:

  5. AASA is invalid: If you have not set up the Universal Links in the app, you'll get this error. This is mandatory for Deep Linked Emails to work on iOS.
    Fix: You can setup Universal Link by following our documentation here
  6. CNAME points to For Branch to host your AASA file on the link domain for the email, you would require to CNAME the domain to Before making this change, please make sure your setup requires this as some ESP have an option to upload the AASA at their end. Please verify this step in the documentation for your ESP here.
  7. SSL is not correctly set up: Once you setup the email domain on the Branch dashboard and CNAME as per the step 6, we would provide an SSL certificate to host your AASA file over HTTPS. Please contact if you find the SSL certificate is not issued. This step is only required if the step 6 is valid for your ESP. 

Additional Validations:

  1. Deep link data is hosted on your website: We recommend using the Hosted Meta Data on the web pages for deep linking. This helps in auto-generating the link data for emails in the Branch links. To learn about hosting metadata for Branch, you can follow our documentation here.  
  2. Revenue or custom events are tracked: This is a recommend in-app setup to track the custom events and track the revenue which can be attributed to the Branch link generated in the emails.
  3. Universal/App Links are configured: We strongly recommend setting up the Universal Links for iOS and App Links for Android to launch the app directly from the emails.