• Have your click tracking domain available

  • Have deep linking configured in the mobile app with Branch links

Select Your Provider

  1. Launch the Branch dashboard and navigate to the Email tab on the left. 

  2. Select your Email Service Provider (ESP) from the selections on the right and click Get Started.  

Choose User Experience

  1. On the following page, choose the appropriate experience for your users with and without the app

    1. If users have the app, you can choose to have them go into specific content in the app or go to the home page of the app. 

    1. If users don’t have the app, you can navigate users to the specific content on your mobile website (recommended) or navigate them to the App Store or Play Store.  

  1. Click Next when ready. 

Configuration of Deep Linking

This section is about setting up how your mobile app will work with web links. 

  1. Please enter a web url that corresponds to a specific product on your web page.  After clicking Submit, Branch will read the tags on the specified website and try to see if there is any data that can be used to deep link into the mobile app. 

    1. If there are no relevant tags on your website, then you will be prompted to enter a Branch link that has been previously setup to deep link.  If you don’t have it, then you just select I don’t have any Branch links. 

  1. If Branch has not been able to identify how to configure links to deep link to an app, then you will need to configure the settings manually.  Select “Configure Settings Manually”. 

    1. You will now see a page with several options to choose from.  This is necessary to specify what data needs to pass on to the mobile app so that it can navigate to the appropriate content.  Select the relevant option for your app based on the descriptions provided below.

    2. Link behavior for users with the app

      1. Open the app homepage - No settings configured.  Email links will route to the app homepage.

      2. Open to specific app content - Email links will route to specific content in the app.

        1. Translate query parameters on URLs into Branch link data - Use the parameters in the link to pass to the mobile app

        2. Translate web URL into Branch link data - Use the full URL to pass to the mobile app

        3. Retrieve hosted deep link data from website and translate into Branch link data - Uses meta tags on your website to pass to the mobile app

        4. Strip protocol (http:// or https://) - Removes the http:// or https:// from any data to be passed into the app

    1. Link behavior for users without the app

      1. Open to specific web content - Route to the original URL specified in the email

      2. Open to default redirects - Route to defaults specified in Link Settings

  1. Click Save when finished. 

Setup Click Tracking Domain

The next step is to determine what your mobile app will need from a link to navigate to specific content. 

  1. You will need to enter the click tracking domain on the following page.  

  1. Click Save after you have entered the click tracking domain. 

  2. (Optional) If you’d like, you can also email instructions to your mobile developers on how to add the click tracking domain to the mobile app.  

  1. Click Next when done to move to the next step. 

Validate and Test

The last page will display if everything has been setup correctly and you can generate a link to test it in an email. 


Display of all the steps involved in the setup and validates whether you have completed all necessary steps.  You can see an example below. 


Add a URL from your website to generate a Branch link that you can test to confirm all the configuration was completed successfully.  The expected result is that it will open the app and deep link to the appropriate content.