Facebook Mobile Marketing Partners (MMP) are an exclusive group of attribution providers (including Branch), who are granted access to Facebook’s Click and Impression data, along with helpful metadata such as ad campaign, ad set, and ad. Attribution providers determine last-touch attribution by comparing timestamps across ad networks to find the most recent interaction.  This makes having access to Facebook’s device-level attribution data absolutely critical in creating a valid attribution model.  Branch’s attribution model takes this further by evaluating last-touch across Facebook, ad networks, AND channels (email, website, SMS, etc).

Campaign-level Data: Impression, click, install, open, and conversion events are visible in Branch’s Ads dashboard.  The dashboard will only show campaigns that had at least one install or open.

Device-level Data: By signing Facebook’s Advanced Mobile Measurement agreement, Facebook’s device-level data can be exported from Branch via Webhooks, Export API, or CSV download.  Without signing their agreement, events attributed to a Facebook ad will display as an 'organic' event when retrieved in these channels. Facebook does not allow their device-level attribution data to be relayed to 3rd parties, so Branch’s Data Integrations will never include this data.

Facebook’s Dashboard: All Branch installs, opens, and custom events are automatically delivered back to Facebook for their own dashboards. Facebook will dedupe installs on their end, but will not dedupe reinstalls, opens, or custom events. If you also have the Facebook SDK integrated or another MMP tracking these events, you can customize how Branch delivers these to Facebook via our Partner Management dashboard to prevent duplicate counts.