Branch collects data at many points of the user journey and ties them together for an individual user. While all this data exists in Branch’s dashboard and can be exported, we also have a data integration built out with Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture). This integration allows you to view your Branch data with other datasets and use our people-based attribution engine to tie Branch attribution to your Adobe user id. 

General setup steps:

  • Integrate Adobe and Branch SDKs

  • Enable Adobe Analytics in the Branch dashboard

  • Activate the Branch Data Connector in Adobe dashboard

  • Choose the eVar Branch events that should be mapped

Note: Branch data comes in as a top-level eVar

How Branch data maps to Adobe

Branch will send Adobe all app opens, installs, and custom-tracked events that we refer. The Branch eVars will contain the event type and all analytics tags that you have defined in Branch so that you can understand the campaign and channel performance. There is a default mapping of Branch data to Adobe Classifications (Figure 1), but it can be modified in the Adobe Data Connector (Figure 2).

Figure 1 - Default mapping of Branch data to Adobe Classifications:

Figure 2 - How to modify mapping of Branch data to Adobe Classifications:

Adobe Visitor IDs and Branch

Branch is able to ingest one of three possible Adobe Visitor IDs you may be using:

  1. Marketing Cloud Visitor ID

  2. Analytics Custom Visitor ID

  3. Analytics Visitor ID

Note: This must be done in the mobile app setup.


If the data is not appearing after simulating an event, please note that it may take up to 2 hours for data to appear in Adobe. Also, please ensure that you are passing a valid Adobe Visitor ID through the Branch SDK. This is something that the mobile developers need to configure:

  • Instruct them to call setDebug with the Branch SDK and inspect the requests to v1/open

  • The key you want to find in this request payload is either $adobe_visitor_id, $marketing_cloud_visitor_id, or $analytics_visitor_id

  • If the ID is not present, the issue may be that the Branch SDK is initializing before the Adobe ID is available