Branch Journeys banners can come in a variety of forms: standard banners, floating buttons, half-page interstitials, full-page interstitials, and much more. However, all this does not matter if it is not displaying, the buttons do not have the right text, or maybe the wrong banner is displaying entirely.

For the sake of this guide, we are going to assume that you have already integrated the Branch Web SDK into your website. If you have not, then please visit here to get started.

Journeys Banner Not Displaying

If your banner is not displaying, we should first make sure that the Web SDK is installed properly.

To test this:

  1. Navigate to a Journeys template that you created and go to the 'Validate and Test' page
  2. Enter any URL from the site that has integrated the Web SDK (presumably your whole website) and press the 'Get Test Link' button
  3. Copy the resulting test link
  4. Open that link on your browser of choice on a mobile device

At this point, you should see the banner appear. If it does not, please check that the URL in the address bar has this at the end: '?_branch_view_id=<some_number>'. If it does, then you may need to double-check your integration.

Upon verifying that the Web SDK is installed properly, it's time to check the configuration of the banner that is not displaying.

  1. Go to the Branch Dashboard to ensure that the Journeys banner is active. You will see a green icon that says 'Active' in the status field. If it says 'Drafts' or 'Stopped', then you need to run it by hovering over the three dots in the action column on the right and selecting 'Start'.

  1. If the banner is active, then check the filters that you may have set. For a banner to display on a page, it has to pass all of the rules you set in the 'Advanced Filters' area of the Journey. If even one rule fails, then that Journey will not display.

Buttons Do Not Have the Right Text

If you notice that the buttons on the Journeys banner are showing the wrong text (e.g. 'Open' instead of 'Install' and vice versa), then it usually means that our persona data is still updating.

If it has been a considerable amount of time, we recommend changing to cellular data and clicking the banner again. When testing with multiple devices on the same network, these devices may not have been previously matched or the IDFA was reset resulting in persona matches being reset. This is especially the case in a testing environment when you install and uninstall the app frequently.

Wrong Journeys Banner is Displaying

You have properly set up a Journeys banner, but the wrong banner is display — what do you do? There are two main possibilities here. The first is related to filters; if you set up the Journeys banner to display based on certain filters, then run through the steps above to ensure your rules achieve what you were hoping for.

If all your rules are correct and you are still not seeing the banner, then it is likely that your priority is set incorrectly. With Journeys priority, you want to set it so that your most specific and targeted Journeys banner has a higher priority than your more general ones. For example, if you want a banner to target everyone that comes to your site and you want a journey to target only people who have arrived on a certain page, then you would give the banner targeting the specific page a priority of 1 and the banner targeting everyone with a priority of 2.

To achieve this, switch your Journeys view to 'Priority View'. 

Next, drag-and-drop to the appropriate positioning.

At this point, you should have the correct Journeys banner displaying! For more information about Journeys, please visit our official docs here.