All the analytics reported on Branch dashboard default to be unique. 

For example, if a user clicks on a Branch link 5 times, Branch dashboard will de-duplicate the user and display this as one unique click. This applies to all events on the Branch dashboard.  

Select visualizations also allow you to see total (i.e. non-unique) numbers - which are aggregated count of events without any user level deduplication. In the example from above, unchecking the “Unique” box will show a total of 5 clicks. 

Frequently asked questions about Unique Counts

How does Branch calculate unique counts?

Branch events are de-duplicated using a probabilistic algorithm to aggregate unique counts.  

Because of this deduplication algorithm, Unique counts may be within a 4% window of error. For example, if you have 100 total clicks, and 90 of those were from were truly unique users, it's possible that the dashboard could report within 4% of that 90 number. If you want a more accurate unique count, we recommend exporting raw data and de-duplicating numbers across events. 

Total counts on my dashboard are lower than unique

The algorithm Branch uses to deduplicate events works best with large datasets. With low event counts, the 4% error rate in Branch’s algorithm may sometimes cause unique counts of events to be higher than total counts.