If your Branch links aren’t redirecting as expected or you simply need to see all the data that’s packed behind a Branch link (e.g. fallback settings, og tags, analytics tags) - don’t fret! There’s a quick and easy way to get exactly what you’re looking for. The below section will cover the methods of getting to that view as well as the information you should expect to see and what it means. For general troubleshooting, check this section.

3 ways of debugging (make sure you’re logged into the Branch dashboard):

  • Copy your link URL, paste it into your browser address bar and append ?debug=true to the end of the link

E.g. https://example.app.link/aQXXDHaxKF?debug=true

  • Similar to the above - copy your link URL, paste it into your browser address bar and append ?debug=1 to the end of the link

E.g. https://example.app.link/aQXXDHaxKF?debug=1

  • Find your link on the Quick Links page, select the “…” button and click Debug

Each of the above actions will bring you to a page with a few different sections. The first two sections contain information about the link you’re looking at and how that link should route users depending upon the operating system and click starting point. The Link Details section hosts standard Branch key-value pairs as well as all the information contained within your link data. More detail on these standard and common link data values below:

  • campaign - the campaign value you set when creating the link

  • channel - the channel value you set when creating the link

  • feature - “marketing” will be shown here for all links created via quick links dashboard

  • id - the unique id for your link. You’ll notice this number in the address bar as well

  • state - this will show Active link or Expire link (if $exp_date function was used. More on that here: content properties)

  • tags - any tags values you set when creating the link 

  • branch key - your unique branch key where you created this link

  • app name - the dashboard app name where the link was created

  • app type - this will show Live Mode or Test Mode depending on which version of the dashboard the link was created in (top left toggle in the dashboard)

  • Common link data fields:

    • $og_title, $og_description - the values set by setting a URL during link creation or the values input on the Social Media section

    • +url - the full URL of the link you’re viewing

    • $original_url - if not set specifically, this would be grabbed from the URL entered during link creation (if not removed from link data afterward)

    • $marketing_title - the name given to your link from step 3a

    • ~creation_source - this will always be “1” if created from quick links. Will contain different values if created elsewhere - API, SDKs, etc. Full list here: creation sources

    • ~marketing - will always be “true” for quick links

    • $one_time_use - will always be “false” unless specified otherwise

    • ~id, ~campaign, ~channel, ~feature, ~tags - see the previous section. Same values apply here

    • $desktop_url, $ios_url, $android_url - displayed if redirects are set that differ from your account global settings. These values override the default redirects

    • Any other custom or branch supported key-values set from within step 6a will appear here