After clicking a Branch link, you should see +clicked_branch_link: true, along with the deep link data in a JSON format.

Checklist to troubleshoot link data not passing to iOS app on link click:

Step 1: App Setup - Does your Branch key listed on your dashboard match the one in your Info.plist?

Please ensure that a URI scheme is correctly entered into your Info.plist file as documented here. This URI scheme should match what is entered on Branch Dashboard->Link Settings->iOS Redirects-> URI Scheme.

Step 2: Link Verification - Are you testing with a link created with the same Branch key as the one listed on your dashboard?

If you are initializing Branch with the Test key, you should test with links created on the Test dashboard and vice versa. By default, Live links will have the subdomain, whereas Test links will have the subdomain. If you registered a custom domain, please make sure to test with links that have the custom domain.

Step 3: Liveview - Does the link click appear on your Liveview?

If not, then you should go back to Step 2 and verify that you are testing with the correct Branch link.

Step 4: App Setup - Are you initializing Branch properly?

Please ensure that you are initializing Branch by calling the initSession method within the didFinishLaunchingwithOptions method.

Step 5: App Setup - Are you configuring the AppDelegate file properly?

Please ensure that you are including the other methods, openUrl and continueUserActivity, in your AppDelegate file.

Step 6: App Setup - Are you initializing Branch before any other third-party SDK (e.g. Firebase)?

You should initialize Branch before any other third-party SDK to prevent any race conditions. Sometimes, a third-party SDK may consume the install or open event before we can read the link to retrieve the deep link data. There might be some exceptions (e.g. MixPanel), but we will specify these in our documentation.

Step 7: Are you still unable retrieve the deep link data from the link click?

Feel free to submit a ticket here with:

  • Your app Branch key

  • Branch link you are testing with

  • Branch-related code snippets in AppDelegate file

Please note that without the above information, it will be difficult for us to provide a speedy resolution.