A Branch can link opens an iOS app via two mechanisms:

  • URI Schemes

  • Universal Links

If you haven’t set up URI Schemes and Universal Links for your app already, please head over to our setup guide and do so before continuing.

Everything about the opening of the iOS app is configured on:

  1. Branch link

  2. Settings on Dashboard->Link settings->iOS Redirects

  3. App's Info.plist file,

  4. App's Entitlements file

  5. Apps’s Associated Domains

  6. App from which the Branch link is being clicked from

  7. Whether Universal Links are enabled on a particular device

Checklist to troubleshoot iOS app not opening via a Branch link:

Step 1: Link Verification - Is it a Branch link?

Please make sure that the link you are testing with belongs to the your app. This can easily be verified from the link domain that is present on your Branch Dashboard->Link Settings->Link Domain. The domain of the link should match the domain on your Link Settings Page.

Step 2: Link Settings Verification

Please make sure you have filled out Branch Dashboard->Link Settings->iOS redirects and have selected ‘Universal Links’ checkbox. Also, you need to make sure that your Team ID (ios_team_id) and Bundle ID (ios_bundle_id) correctly entered here. If you don’t know what these are, head over to https://developer.apple.com/account and retrieve it from the Membership section.

Step 3: App Setup - Info.plist

Make sure that a URI scheme correctly entered into their Info.plist file as documented here. This URI scheme should match what is entered on Branch Dashboard->Link Settings->iOS redirects-> URI Scheme

Step 4: App Setup - Entitlements file

Make sure that an entitlements file is correctly configured as documented here.

Step 5: App Setup - Associated Domains

Make sure that you have entered the 'applinks:<domain>' in the Associated DomainsFor your app to open via Journeys or a Deep View, you will also need to add an alternate domain as an Associated Domain as documented hereYou can also use our Universal Link Validator to check for in-app setup in Steps 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Step 6: Where are you clicking the link from?

Please note that certain apps do not yet provide support for iOS Universal Links. We maintain a list of such apps here. If you are clicking the link from one of these apps, there are chances that you Universal Links might not work. We suggest that you use Branch Deep Views in that case.

Step 7: Are Universal Links disabled on your device?

Universal Links, unfortunately, can sometimes get disabled. Please follow to guide here to re-enable Universal Links on your device. Also, please make sure that you go through the common Universal Links issues here.

Step 8: Still unable to open app on iOS?

Feel free to submit a ticket here with

a. Your app Branch key,
b. Branch link you are testing with,
c. Results from the Universal Links Validator
d. Your test build of the iOS app.

Please note that without the above information, it will be difficult for us to provide a speedy resolution.