Deleting a Branch Project

You can delete a Branch project from the Advanced tab of the Dashboard's Account Settings page (here: Note that doing so will delete only the single project. Deleting one app will not have any effect on other apps that you have created or to which you have been invited.

Opting out of Branch Marketing Email

Branch marketing emails have an "unsubscribe" option that can be used to opt out of marketing communications.

Removing specific users from your Branch app 

You or an admin on an account can delete specific users from accessing your Branch app. All user access provisioning can be done through the Team tab (here:

Deleting your Branch Dashboard account

We do not support deleting user accounts from the Branch dashboard. Consequently, even after you have deleted all of your Branch apps, you may still receive citical system status messages at the email address that you registered with Branch. You can stop these emails by changing the email address listed on your User tab (here: to a value such as ""