First, a note for new Branch partners: if you just started creating and using Branch links that deep link to content in the past hour, you might not be seeing Content Analytics data yet because we scan for new top content and add it to the dashboard once every hour. Here's a short article about Content Analytics data update frequency in the dashboard. 

If you've just started using Branch to deep link to content in the last hour and need to confirm link or event activity, we recommend you visit our Live View section in the Branch dashboard.

If you're already integrated with Branch, and you're not seeing any data, we recommend this article about how Branch identifies your app's content for Content Analytics.

Most likely, you're not seeing content data because you're not either a) using BranchUniversalObject to define content or b) you're also not passing deep link data in Branch links via one of the parameters below. This is a list of the parameters that Branch will automatically scan for deep link data, and in this order:

1) $deeplink_path

2) $desktop_url

3) $_og_override/$__og_override

4 $og_title+$og_description+$og_image_url

In summary: be sure to use BranchUniversalObject (iOS docs, Android docs) or to pass deep link data in one of the parameters above so that branch can properly identify your data and provide you with Content Analytics.