First, it's already possible for developers to identify a piece of content themselves using BranchUniversalObject, which is supported in our most up-to-date SDKs and is documented for iOS here and for Android here

We encourage our partners to use BranchUniversalObject because it provides maximum accuracy for content classification. You, the developer, can tell Branch exactly what constitutes a piece of content. 

But Content Analytics doesn’t require that you use BranchUniversalObject. Branch will automatically parse your links, looking for parameters that deep link to content, and will populate your Content Analytics section using this data. By default, Branch will scan for content in the following parameters, in this order:

1) $deeplink_path

2) $desktop_url

3) $_og_override/$__og_override

4 $og_title+$og_description+$og_image_url

In summary: be sure to use BranchUniversalObject or to pass deep link data in one of the parameters above so that branch can properly identify your data and provide you with Content Analytics.