Link expiration: By default, Branch links persist indefinitely -- once created, they won't disappear. However, we allow you to set an expiration date on your links. To set the expiration date (in seconds) you set a value for the $exp_date parameter when creating the links from either the SDKs or the API.

Link matching expiration: You can modify the match duration period to shorten or lengthen the amount of time we keep the attribution/matching window open. When we see a link click, we generate a device snapshot for users and store that snapshot for a limited time – 2 hours by default. That browser snapshot includes IP address, OS, OS version, etc. Then when that same user who clicked the link opens up an app with the Branch SDK, Branch creates a device snapshot based on the same parameters and checks with the server to see if a matching browser snapshot exists.

It’s possible, albeit rare, for collisions to occur where two people on the same network have identical hardware, are running identical software, and click a link at the same time (and neither of them have ever used an app with Branch before). One way to avoid these collisions is to shorten the time window that a browser snapshot is stored on our servers waiting for a matching device snapshot. To change the matching period app-wide, you can adjust the setting in the "Advanced" portion of our Link Settings page. You can also adjust the matching period on a link-level by using the $match_duration parameter, which you can find info on here

If you have any questions, please reach out to our engineers via